The end of an era

Hi everyone, this is lepel.

As some of you know a lot has been going on with Avatar Fight Online lately. Support for AFO has been getting shittier by the day, no support for the GMs, no support for the players. The GMs made the rules basically because GameJoy simply didn't respond to our questions. The game was for us to do with what we wanted because GameJoy never even gave any tips, guidelines, nothing.

Recently, we got the message that all support employees of GameJoy have quit, not surprisingly. I can only image the hell they had to go through working for Lei Yonkai, the boss of GameJoy. He said that he would deal with support. So... from several people who offered no support we went to one guy offering no support. How could he ever handle everything himself?

First he started with removing lfc-lad as GM because he banned people for names like "fucking cocksucker" or "I-RAPE-LITTLE-GIRLS". So those are apparently the target audience of GameJoy, nasty people and pedophiles. After that he went on and removed all the GMs.

After that I removed all forum moderators, removed the spambot countermeasures that I personally set up (if you remove me you'll also lose the work I've done) and then was banned by the boss of GameJoy for destroying the forum. Whoops.

The new better and faster AFO (but beta)

Over the past year I've been working on my own Avatar Fight. But instead of making it the way GameJoy wanted it to be I made it the way players want it to be. Come on over and check it out.